“David was a real support in the final tortuous process of turning my draft manuscript into the finished article. He exceeded his brief. A requested proofread turning into a proofread plus copy edit. Nothing was missed. I am particularly grateful for his patience in guiding me through the nightmare of unintended manual indents and the use of straight and curly quote marks…”
A J Swann, Author of

David is an exceptional journalist and production editor, and a pleasure to work with. The whole team looks forward to his stints in the office and he is a fierce champion of high-quality editorial content.”
Yasmin Arrigo, Haymarket

“David proofread my 65,000-word crime novel. He was quick and extremely conscientious. He really took the time to get to know my narrative, so he could point out inconsistencies and make useful comments, as well as pick up the typos and spelling/grammatical mistakes. As an indie publisher, I am extremely grateful for his enthusiasm for, and perseverance with, his task; his reliability means I can trust that I am publishing quality. He kept to our agreed timetable and at all times was polite, generous and professional. I can’t recommend him and his work highly enough.”
Kate Evans, Author

“I’ve worked with David many times over the past ten years and he has become one of my ‘go-to’ freelance sub-editors due to his reliability, unerring good humour and high standards. As a bonus, he’s rather pleasant to have around. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”
Bethany Coombs, Haymarket

“David is an excellent sub editor, sympathetic to the writer and sense, plus a scrupulous checker of facts and a stickler for accuracy.”
Phil Heard, journalist


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