Room temperature: what’s playing in the nest

Some people like silence when they create. Others prefer music that stimulates them, perhaps forming an aural backdrop to the piece they’re working on. I’m somewhere in between: often I need the nest to be quiet; sometimes I need gentle caressing; at other times I will have cobwebs that need to be blown away – at volume. So, in the first of a new series, here’s what’s been filling my writing room this week.

Louigi Verona

Mr Verona (whose given name is Kirill Alferov, and, at the time of posting, is living in Moscow) does it for me in a big way. His tracks are mostly long, almost textural, and never fail to settle my often-tetchy writing temperament. They are perfect for those times when you need something going on in the background, but don’t want to be distracted. Something that helps you to focus.

Alternatively, if you’re in need of a break, stick on the headphones and lie down on the floor for a bit. Get inside it. This is relaxing, contemplative stuff, like a flotation tank for the brain.

As the man himself says of Life in the Troposphere (playing time 46:09), “The composition is a lot about hovering, visualizing sound and observation.” I’m not arguing with that.

I don’t have a great deal of info about the artist, which sort of adds to the appeal, but apparently he is also part of an organisation called the Skeptic Society in Russia that promotes science and critical thinking. He also has an interesting take on copyright, saying, “I do not believe I have any right to tell people what to do with my works, once they are published.” A fluid approach, it seems, to the creative process – which seems perfectly in line with this kind of music.

You can read about Louigi Verona and his work here

And free tracks to download and get you started can be found at LastFM

What have you been listening to as you get creative? I’m always on the lookout for new sounds, which, as I’m sure you’re aware, doesn’t actually make sense.

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