First book blogger review… I’m a happy man

GWCY for web SMALLIt’s nerve-wracking, sending your book out to bloggers to solicit their honest opinion. You’re asking to be judged, putting your head on the block. Thankfully, I’m off to a great start with Tracy Terry from Pen and Paper. I’ll even admit that I felt a little emotional when I saw that she’d given the novel four stars on Goodreads and Amazon, but then, of course, I pulled myself together and started talking about cars, sports and a whole load of other manly things.

Here’s Tracy’s review:

The Ground Will Catch You – David Powning

A bit like one of those movie trailers which doesn’t really tell you a lot (if anything) about the film, reading the synopsis of this debut novel really does not do justice to the story awaiting you.

Perhaps not the best choice of reading material for those wanting an action-packed read, but for those who enjoy character-led books. Well, let’s just say you are in for a treat.

A wonderfully insightful and thought-provoking read into how relationships can change you … both for the better and the worse. The dynamics between the trios that were Steve, his girlfriend Emily and physiotherapist Alex, and that of Steve, his friend and Judo Sensei, Jack, and troubled teen martial arts prodigy Cyan, really were fascinating.

The Ground Will Catch You explores so many issues of the modern age (bullying, friendship, disability, jealousy, displaced youth, the list goes on) largely through the eyes and psyche of Steve Hollis. Arguably some of them mundane, everyday issues and yet, tremendously compelling, the author brings them, along with the characters, to life in such a way as to make for a read that once started I got so caught up in as to find almost impossible to put down.

Copyright: Tracy Terry @ Pen and Paper.
Disclaimer: Read and reviewed on behalf of the author, no financial compensation was asked for nor given.


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